Our Ospreys

Our Ospreys

Our Ospreys, Madeline and Igor, are back nesting at Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery. Over the Valentine’s Day weekend, Madeline laid two eggs! As you can imagine staff and patients are once again excited to witness this natural encounter, and you can too on our website live stream.

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Madeline and Igor have been using the nesting platform at Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery since 2012. Its location is surrounded by our five-acre coastal wetlands preserve and small lake where the fish are plentiful. Madeline and Igor are very experienced and capable of raising their young and the lake allows them to easily feed and care for them.

Incubation begins with the first egg and takes 36-40 days; the eggs hatch in the order laid. Generally, two or three babies fledge, annually.

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Birds 2

Birds 4

Ospreys are fairly large, with a body length of 22 inches, a wingspan of up to 70 inches, and can live 25 years. The female has more distinct breast streaking than the male, which can be completely white-chested. Their diet is 99% fish, and they have large, scaly feet with sharp spicules (little spines), that allow them to grasp and hold their slippery prey.

We encourage you to visit Laufer Institute and enjoy this scenic view first-hand.

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