Photofacial / IPL

There are a few names that this procedure goes by but many have heard it referred to as IPL or Photofacial or intense pulse light.

The technology consists of light flashed onto your skin in such a way that the darker melanin containing cells in your skin absorb all the energy. As the energy is absorbed by the specific cell the heat generated causes the cell to burst and release all the pigment. Since only these cells absorb the energy, other cells are spared and are left alone.

Once the pigment is free in the area surrounding the normal cells, over time your body just exfoliates it off.

UV light causes certain cells to accumulate more of the dark pigment and you get sun spots. These spots can be somewhat unsightly to the discerning individual and it may also hint to your age as well. A more even color of the face is attractive to the eye and this why we often wear makeup to cover the irregularities.

IPL treatment reduce the dark spots very effectively – making it much easier to wear the make up you really want.

The procedures are safe, relatively painless and expect great results.

They can only be performed by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

IPL treatments also work on rosacea of the face – these are the fine capillaries in the superficial layers of the skin that causes the permanent redness of the cheeks or the nose.

The IPL light projected onto the skin is actually absorbed by the red pigment of the blood cells which in turn burst and block the flow in each capillary. As a result, the redness disappears. Over time new capillaries can form and more treatments may be necessary.

IPL is the state of the art treatment for discolorations of the face. Sometimes additional advanced skin programs only found in the best med spas will be necessary to get the results you are looking for.