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Rhinoplasty in Tampa Bay, FL

Rhinoplasty | Nose Surgery in Tampa Bay

There is a reason that getting a nose job is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America. The difference that a properly done rhinoplasty procedure can make in your appearance can be life altering. Subtle changes improving the symmetry of your facial features can help you achieve your image goals. Dr. Laufer is a highly acclaimed rhinoplasty surgeon with over 30 years of experience, so have the peace of mind knowing that Dr. Laufer’s presicion surgeries and subtle adjustments will bring your features back into balance.

Thinking About Rhinoplasty? Consider the Benefits

  • Your Breathing Improves – Although a Nose Surgery may focus on the appearance of the nose, there can also be internal benefits. For instance, a deviated septum correction is a common procedure that can combine an enhanced appearance with improved breathing.
  • You Can Sleep Better – Along with improved breathing comes deeper sleep and more peaceful rest. Not only do you get the benefits of improved health but also the satisfaction of reaching your image goals.
  • You Can Feel Better – Patients often claim that they have more confidence and feel good about themselves. Happiness is one of the key components to staying healthy.
  • You Can Look Younger – Attractiveness and youth go hand in hand. Patients that undergo a rhinoplasty procedure feel more attractive and youthful.


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Rhinoplasty after photo

Rhinoplasty – After

Rhinoplasty before photo

Rhinoplasty – Before


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Nose Surgery - Before

Nose Surgery – Before

Nose Surgery - After

Nose Surgery – After


Nose Surgery Can Alter the Following Features:

  • Size of the nose
  • Width of the nose
  • Uneven contour on the bridge of the nose
  • Tip of the nose to correct drooping, size, bulb shaped, or an upturned nose
  • Excessively flared nostrils
  • Crooked or off-centered appearance
  • Asymmetry from an injury


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Am I a Good Candidate for Nose Surgery


A nose that is out of balance on the face can become a focal point that draws attention away from other attractive facial features. The purpose of nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is to improve the appearance of the nose, to help it fit the face in a complementary way that is harmonious with other facial features. During your exam, Dr. Laufer will evaluate your skin quality and the internal and external structure of your nose to determine how to best create balance between your nose and other facial features. Nose surgery may typically be performed on female patients who are as young as age 15 or males who are as young as age 17, but it will be necessary for Dr. Laufer to determine any possible limitations.


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Rhinoplasty Results

The proportion and shape of the nose and chin can be improved and refined to bring more balance and symmetry among the features of the face. Whether you are bothered by a hump, a drooping nasal tip, or the shape and size of your nose or nostrils, Dr. Laufer has extensive training and experience in restoring a more ideal aesthetic form to the nose through a rhinoplasty procedure.

In some cases, Dr. Laufer may also recommend a chin implant to further enhance the facial profile and harmony between facial features. A chin implant corrects the appearance of a weak chin to give the chin a stronger, more defined contour.

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Rhinoplasty - After

Rhinoplasty – After

Rhinoplasty - Before

Rhinoplasty – Before

Dr. Erel Laufer - Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Erel Laufer – Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery

“My mission in life, my passion, is to help my patients realize their image potential, giving them a confidence and satisfaction in their lives that they richly deserve.” – Erel Laufer, M.D.

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