Our Practice

The Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery (L.I.P.S.) was born out of our vision to give you, our patients, the unparalleled experience of total cosmetic care by the best and most devoted staff in a facility like no other in the state of Florida.

The practice is centered on our cosmetic surgery center which is located at the third (top) floor of our Institute.

At Laufer Institute of Plastic Surgery, we have fully equipped, the state-of-the-art in-office operating rooms that are safe, private, and meets nationally recognized standards, which is accredited by AAAASF. The operating rooms are designed to perform only cosmetic surgery. This design offers privacy, continuity of care, and significant cost savings to the patient. Most importantly, it is a completely safe alternative to having a procedure performed at a surgery center or hospital.

Our recovery rooms are adjacent to the O.R’s and allow our patients to watch the captivating view of our surrounding lake and the natural preserve and fauna.

Our top Floor
Also Features

  • A large conference room designed for group teaching sessions
  • The Laser department is directed by Terri Labrecque, our laser specialist, who offers permanent hair removal and facial treatments with Intense Pulsed Light (Photo-Facials)

The surgical consultations and noninvasive approaches such as tissue fillers and botulism toxins injections among others are carried out in our private rooms on this floor.

Our medispa offers skincare, exfoliative treatments, chemical peels, body wraps, massages, and hairstyling.

The vitamin store features our privately labeled neutraceuticals of the best grade which will save you the need to compare ingredients and labels.

Our ground floor is the covered parking to protect our patients from the elements and to provide our post-surgical patients and our customers the privacy they deserve.

Please explore our website, which we continue to build and update, for more insight into LIPS.