Gynecomastia | Male Breast Reduction

Approximately half of all men have breasts that are enlarged, a condition known as gynecomastia. In some cases the cause is heredity or hormonal activity within the body, while anabolic steroid use can also create this unwanted side effect.

Because 50 percent of the breast is composed of fat, Dr. Laufer is sometimes able to reduce its size predominantly through liposuction alone. However, it is commonly necessary to remove excess glandular tissue as well. Dr. Laufer accomplishes this using an innovative technique allowing him to remove glandular material through a very small puncture, which leaves behind a scar that is generally undetectable.

Dr. Laufer uses a detailed liposuction technique to outline the pectoralis muscle and axilla in order to reveal the muscular contours of the male chest.

It helps men to obtain muscular definition that can be difficult or impossible to achieve through workouts alone.